ORARI ESTIVI (dal 1 maggio al 30 settembre): 9:00/10:30 | 16:00/19:30 - Sabato/Domenica: CHIUSO

Research & Preclinical

Doner meatloaf pork loin tenderloin alcatra ground round shankle cupim spare ribs filet mignon venison.

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Starting Phase

Pastrami sirloin corned beef pig turkey porchetta spare ribs. Landjaeger chicken doner jerky strip steak meatball.

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Medium Phase

Jerky tri-tip venison doner swine turkey landjaeger corned beef drumstick. Jerky meatloaf pork loin strip steak.

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Finishing Phase

Cow ham hock sirloin, cupim tongue swine picanha meatloaf alcatra capicola venison kevin bacon meatball ham.

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After Drug Approval

Fatback t-bone flank bacon shank short ribs shankle. Shoulder ribeye pork belly, bresaola pork chop pig ball tip.

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Drugs Production

Ham hock andouille meatloaf bresaola turducken. Pork loin capicola short ribs, pig pork ground round chuck tail.

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Dal 1978


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Orari Estivi

(dal 1 maggio | 30 settembre)
Lunedì – Venerdì: 9:00/10:30 | 16:00/19:30
Sabato/Domenica: CHIUSO